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We are an environmental engineering company developing  unique and patented technologies to produce electricity.


To utilize the patented system in rural areas where electricity, water filtering and purification systems are crucial at low cost.


We illustrate how Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) can be achieved through usage of various combinations of the system.


The system utilizes pressure contained in fluids to produce electricity by combining turbines with ejectors. The combination of two well-known technologies has been developed and tested in Norway over several years.

The technology has several alternative uses. All can be used separately or in any combination of the following three:

  • Produce electricity by combining ejectors with turbines
  • Lift and “pump” water for irrigation purposes using the ejectors
  • Empty or keep dams free of silt using the ejectors

The power generated by the turbine piped through vacuum can be combined with a unique water purification system using ozone, filtration and reversed osmosis.


A river or stream with a fall of minimum fall of 10 meter is required. Water is led through a standard pipe of minimum 15cm in diameter into an ejector. As the water enters the narrow nozzle within the ejector, water encounters resistance and will be redirected via the most effortless route. A pipe is leading to a turbine in front of the ejector. Some water will enter into the turbine and generate electricity. Remaining water will pass through the narrow nozzle inside the ejector to accumulate speed and create a vacuum in the intake at the back of the ejector. This vacuum can be used to draw the water that has been through the turbine back into the water inside the pipe. Additionally, it can draw water directly from the river and pump it to an elevated water tank. Optional for the elevated water are pipes attached for irrigation, water storage for livestock or for human consumption. If the water is not adequately clean for human consumption, a unique water purification unit can be connected utilizing minimal amount of the energy generated by the system itself to operate.


By using the ejector to lift water to an elevated water tank it is possible to ensure pure drinking water by installing a unique water purification technology and process, hence. maximizing the utilization of any local water source. This is achieved by cleansing the water at the location with maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption. Ozone needed is produced on the site by the technology itself.

The system process provides:

  • Ozone pretreatment oxidizes virus, bacteria, solids and compounds
  • Oxidized particles are filtered away through ultra filtration and reverse osmosis
  • Water is oxidized again, to ensure quality and vitality


Three well-known technologies combined into one system; ozone oxidation, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis. Guaranteeing an absolutely clear, clean and safe drinking water.

The combination is unique because it is easy to install with little physical intervention needed at the install site. It generates more kWh than a conventional turbine installation in comparison to equal parameters.

The ejector provides vacuum energy and can pump water or silt up from the waterbeds to higher grounds.

Water purification can be added and will run on energy provided by the system itself.

Unique design of ozone technology: A technological advantage enables us to make the systems small, affordable and with very low energy consumption; e.g. 4000 liter/h tap water and 200 liter/h drinking water = < 0.4kW.

The compactness, portability, scalability, low energy consumption and simple and quick installation makes it ideal for emergency/disaster purposes.

The system can be per-installed in a 20 feet container, transported to the  site and installed within days to therefore be fully operational.

Extremely low energy consumption makes it very suitable to operate on solar energy or other alternative energy sources.


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